18 Feb

Free Walking Tours Funchal likes to find some “hidden” gems in Funchal. Or, at least, show our guests those special places that might be a bit difficult to find on their own.

One of the places that I like the most and that after a few trial tours I decided to add to the Free Walking Tours Funchal, was the Holy Undivided Trinity Church, better known simply as the English Church.

This is a magnificent temple that dates back to 1822 (year that the first mass was celebrated). It was built in a Neoclassical style as a way to avoid offending the local Catholics. It was the first building of the Island built in this style!

The Madeiran Pavements (pebble stones) and its gardens are simply fantastic!

It is a vibrant part on the life of many English-speaking residents of Madeira, as the the religious service is still celebrated in the English Church. However, the biggest attraction for most visitors is the live music every evening. 

They have a concert for every day of the week. Jazz, Fado, Strings, Orchestra playing Rock Music, Blues… You choose what you want!! 

The gardens around the Church provide a relaxing area to sit and meditate. Although the temple is very central in Funchal, it is still a quiet area of the city. 

It is not uncommon to find locals that live around the church sitting in the garden, enjoying its surroundings or walking their dogs.

Just stepping in at the gate is already wonderful, thanks to the beautiful jasmine flowers that make us happy with its intense fragrance. 

In the north part of the garden, you can see Phillipa of Lancaster's bust. 

This beautiful bust was orderer by the Island's English Community in 1973 to commemorate the 600 years of the Portuguese - English Alliance (the longest in Europe!).

Two minutes away from The Holy Trinity Church is the Miradouro das Cruzes, an amazing viewpoint over the city, from which you can see the English Church from the top. 

Miradouro das Cruzes is a great place to sit and admire the city, while butterflies fly around you or pollinate the flowers. 

Don’t miss out on the English Church when in Madeira. Free Walking Tours Funchal will proudly take you there!!


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