Ukulele Class

Did you know that in the third quarter of the 19th Century, there was many Portuguese that emigrated to Hawaii?

Among them, many Madeiran people.

The first trip took 116 days. A long, exhauting voyage, with poor and unhealthy conditions aboard.

When they finally got to Hawaii, the migrants were happy to see the end of the trip. 

João Fernandes, one of the emigrants, grabbed his Braguinha and started playing it.

The Hawaiian loved the sound of the Braguinha and asked some of the madeirans to make some for them. Years later, some of the Madeiran migrants opened shops and started producing the now world know Ukulele.

And now, you also have the chance to learn how to play a tune during your stay in Madeira.

Estúdio 21 e a music studio and school in Funchal, with an amazing selection of discs, some instruments for sale and personalized classes!

A 40 to 60 minutes class is 15€ per person.

Contact them to know their availability and book your class!

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