22 Oct

The Funchal Guitar Quartet aspires to become our country's premier quartet, distinguished by a unique approach, unwavering respect for our audience, and a multifaceted repertoire. Comprising four guitarists from diverse musical backgrounds spanning fado, classical, contemporary, theater, and cinema, the FGQ promises a performance that explores various facets of the classical guitar.
Each member of this project is seasoned, averaging over 100 performances annually.
 You can expect a highly professional concert, an accomplished ensemble, and a wealth of experience, all dedicated to delivering the finest musical experience on our island. In collaboration with local associations such as AOCM, Comcordas, Madeira Concerts, and Retoiça, our aim is to make a meaningful impact in our region, our nation, and in your hearts.

Emanuel Faria comes from Ribeira Brava. He began his instrumental practice with braguinha (traditional instrument) at the age of 7. He developed his interest for classical guitar and persued it academically at ESART. Nowadays is a teacher at Madeira Conservatory. He has extensive concert experience in concert halls and on stages, in the areas of classical music, fado and popular music.
He is also our padel enthusiast!

Rafael Abreu has been studying classical guitar since he was six years old. He completed his higher education at the Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas in Musical Training and Ensemble Music. He took several guitar courses and masterclasses, performing solo, guitar quartet and orchestra.
Through his in-depth knowledge in the technical area, he intends to make his contribution to a greater theoretical and historical sense.  

Rita Miragaia studied classical guitar in Spain, Germany and Portugal. She has a passion for contemporary music and she is committed to share the original work of Portuguese composers.
Her contagious smile and upbeat attitude have a way of bringing a cheerful atmosphere to the whole quartet!  

Romeu Curto began early his journey into the world of classical guitar. He obtained his academic degrees in the University of Aveiro and he also studied in the Netherlands and in Spain. He has a lot of experience playing flamenco, renaissance, contemporary and folk music. He also plays vihuela, an ancient instrument from the 16th century.
Romeu is very energetic and driven! His head is a factory of ideas: sometimes they are good but sometimes…a bit unrealistic. He is the element of the group with the sweetest tooth!


 Make sure to attend Funchal Guitar Quartet during your stay!

It's an amazing musical experience, not to be missed!

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