Tour's Highlights

Tour's Highlights

Funchal Esentials Free Tour

As the name says, we will show you the "Musts" of Funchal in this tour.

This tour covers some well know areas, such as the Municipal Garden and the Cathedral. What is not so well know are the stories of these places. which we will hapilly share with you!

One of the highlights of this tour is the visit to a biscuit factory, where there is the possibility to taste some local sweets.

Not less impressive, is the oldest bookstore of Madeira, that we are very proud to show to you!

We will pass by the Oldst Convent of the Island, the last residence of the Island's discoverer and the English Church.

We do not go to the Old Town on this tour!

These are the Funchal's Essentials Tour highlights:

  • Parque Santa Catarina;
  • Municipal Garden;
  • Cathedral;
  • Biscuits' Factory (closed on weekends and holidays);
  • Municipal Square;
  • Esperança Bookstore (closed on weekends and holidays)
  • São Pedro's Historical Centre;
  • English Church.

Some places might be added or excluded depending on the days, the group's pace and interest.

Funchal is a hilly place, so there will be some stairs to go up and down during the tour.

Funchal Old Town Free Tour

On this shorter tour, we will show you some of the old Forts and tell you a bit about the denfense of Funchal.

A big subject on this tour, besides the Forts and Walls , are the Floods. We will show you some areas that have been destroyed and recovered after some of the worst disasters in Madeira.

And, of course, the Old Town! The first Portuguese neighborhood overseas!

This is an area in Funchal that has changed very much over the centuries and even in the last decade!

It is place where we have (possibly) the best street art, some of the best bars and restaurants!

Funchal Old Town Tour:

  • São Lourenço Fortress;
  • Legislative Assembley;
  • City's Gate;
  • Pillory Square;
  • Old Town.

For our tours, we advise you to wear confortable cloths, specially footwear, as Funchal's pavements might be slippery and tricky to walk on.

As most of the tour is outdoors, sunscreen is advised (even in winter).

You should also bring water.

During winter, it's always a good ideia to have a rain cover or umbrella.