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  • Duration: 01:30 Hours
  • Address: Capela de Santa Catarina Funchal (Map)
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NOTE: No tours from November 9th to November 17th as I won't be in Madeira.

Madeira has long been known as the Island of Eternal Spring and the Atlantic Garden.

When the Portuguese initially settled in Madeira, the island was covered in a dense, subtropical forest, the Laurissilva. The forest has decreased dramatically due to the colonization, to the exportation of wood and also for the introduction of exotic species, some which have become invasive.

In this tour, we plan to tell you a bit about some of these exotic and beautiful plants that borrow so much colour and add beauty to our city.

We will also be telling about some of the uses these plants had or have in their native areas.

Please note that I’m not a botanist or any sort of expert in plants.

This tour is based on theoretical knowledge, acquired in books and online research.